It was a strange accident

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Have a nice day
KiEdA – CoachfitIt was a freak accident

There is still something on this earth to be done and goals to be achieved.

I always say to my clients something may come out wrong but it’s only 2%, it’s out of our control you have to accept it and patiently do your work ….
By way of introduction, I’m not sure but I think I’m dyslexic and have more of a scientific mind than a humanistic mind, so mistakes are and will be, but overall I have it in … well you know where, like most things.
But it has always been more important in life what I do and not what I say or write. I never had a red stripe on my certificate, elementary school was very close but there was a playground and a playground on the way and high school was really uphill. And my interests have always been more in the direction of getting out of the house to run and do something active such as biking, running, skiing, skating, etc. than to go home and spend my free time doing meaningless homework as it was. And I don’t know how these kids do it now because they seemingly only sit on their cell phones and everyone has a red stripe on their certificate. So these phones are not so bad.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, but not everyone knows that my extended hiatus from social media is related to an accident I had on my bicycle. The second of August was exactly two months since the incident.

It was a strange accident.

You see and feel that already there will be a boom and it will be not too interesting, but fortunately your subconscious activates everything you need, you fight for life and within a thousandth of a second your brain works on “turbo spiid” and saves your ass. And in the next hundredths of a second your thoughts can be all over the place, thinking about what was before and what will be after the accident, e.g., will you survive, will you see your loved ones, in that short time you even embrace anger because after such a blow you are unlikely to get to work and that there will be a forced rest from the physical activity you love and the end of the season, the end of coming to Poland for the start in Gdynia and on August 7 it would be the 9th start in one of the best triathlon events in Poland and by the sea that I love, the end of dreams about starting Ironman in the U.S., and who knows maybe an end to everything, an end to pursuing dreams and helping others.

Have you ever had that happen?

I had such a feeling in my life for the second time and hopefully the last.
My first accident and contact with a car was on a motorcycle, that time I got hit from the left side and also at an intersection. The injuries were similar only there were more losses because the bone in my leg did not hold and was broken.
Returning to the accident how was it? Passing through the intersection I was hit by a passenger car, the driver of the car unfortunately did not notice me because he was in a hurry to pass on the green light, a classic of the genre. This time the impact was from the right side. The bumper landed on my tibialis muscle. I bounced off the car and flew to my knees, hip, elbow and shoulder hitting my head on the asphalt, as usual the helmet did its job. After making a graceful somersault and rolling a few meters away from the car, lying down I began to assess the damage: so I could feel my legs that’s great, I could move my arms another good sign, my head also goes in every direction so my neck is fine, but as time passed as the adrenaline let go everything started to hurt from head to feet and it didn’t look so colorful anymore. Skinned knees, elbows, bruised and battered hip, shoulder and sore back and hands. I grabbed my bike and a bidon that had shot up a couple of meters, I made it to the sidewalk and, sitting down, I recovered slowly. In a moment the fire department and an ambulance arrived. I called a friend who came and helped me embrace the subject with the accident and the bike. My bike after a quick inspection which I managed to do was not rideable, the front wheel crumpled and the rear bogie broken, my friend attached it to a pole on a chain with the idea of picking it up the next day and deciding what to do next, but unfortunately the bike was gone the next day so the problem solved itself. And I ended up in an ambulance and rode the signal to a hospital in Brooklyn, which I will write about on another occasion and there is much to write about, a real Mexico. At the entrance to the hospital stands armed security and every now and then has to intervene with sick people, but here not about that.

Flying on, it turned out that at this intersection there are frequent accidents. To prove it, at the intersection there was a policewoman from the New York traffic police who watched the traffic, as you can see very effectively. But it turned out that she was very helpful. Fortunately, she saw the whole incident, stopped the driver and called an ambulance and the fire department. That’s how in America the fire department arrives at every accident and sometimes it’s a couple of big fighting cars ready to help and in the evening it’s impressive and colorful. The whole incident fortunately was recorded on CCTV. This is very important in later claiming compensation and payment of all costs related to treatment and the accident. The ride alone by the New York ambulance to the hospital and the hospital stay associated with the tests was valued at more than $5,000. Another cost is sick leave and treatment which is covered by the insurer of the guilty party, as it is. In the states if you don’t have insurance such an event can cost a lot, stories I’ve heard many and so insurance is a must while in the US.
At the moment I am on sick leave and the length of the leave depends on my health. I already can’t count the number of x-rays and medical examinations. I go to rehabilitation every day where I have electrotherapy treatments, acupuncture and exercises.

All the time it’s not all great yet, but I’m not giving up and my goal and dreams are still there. Those who know me know what dreams I am talking about and know that I will do it. I also know one thing that I will never regret that I tried and the worst thing is when you don’t try and later regret that you didn’t try. You have to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Until a year ago I didn’t know that I would ever go to the states to live there, I was learning German and Italian and today I am in NY and not Locarno It’s been almost a year now and I’m learning English.

Today on my pages I will motivate you more to take care of yourself, take care of your dreams, take care of your health, get out of your comfort zone that mostly doesn’t allow you to change, whether it’s health, work, relationship or dreams. Because fear and that big frog, the environment, paralyzes and often the system that wants us to be subservient and do as they explain to us, tell us that there is something right or wrong and that is how it should be. Everyone should have their wits about them and should quickly draw conclusions about what to do next, what to pursue.
I will develop the company and the palm program KiEdA, to remind how easy it is to reduce weight. How you can easily change your lifestyle and how to enjoy life every day. Not everyone will take advantage of this, not everyone dares, not everyone wants to, not everyone will do it, this is also normal, may such people be as few as possible.

And whoever dares will prevail.

I really like the sayings Stevena Jobsa, and one of his favorite sentences he said to the students at the graduation ceremony is – “If you live each day as if it were to be your last, one day you will certainly be right.”
Another one heard on YouTube and which changes a lot and I identify with it is this one – “It is not important what you think it is important what you do.”
No matter what happens or what others say never give up and fight to the end. Carry out your plans and projects. Do your own thing and pursue your goals, make your dreams come true, anything is possible. Take care of them because someday it will be too late and those somedays will never step, there will always be excuses, there will always be something. If you want something, do it. As your life looked the same two or three years ago, nothing will probably change and it will look similar or worse in the following years. To change something you have to change it, simple.
In a month on September 10 it will be 1 year since I’ve been in the USA and I’ll be happy to tell you more about it in another similar post – how do I see America after a year and did anything surprise me here? and was it worth it? and what are the opportunities here? And is it true what I heard about America? What has happened to me? As you can see and hear at the moment the costs are very high and not only material. I do not have my daughter Helena with me, my eyes in my head, my sunshine, my gift from the stars and this hurts the most. As you know, we separated from Ola, which I still can’t understand, but that’s also for another topic and maybe a book. And now still this accident. But I believe that tomorrow is a new another day in which the sun will come out as after every storm.

For what and why this entry, anyone who reads will probably have a different opinion. And it is very good yes it should be and everyone should have the right and freedom to do so. As long as he doesn’t insult other people and talks with specifics and arguments, and most importantly knows the topic from all sides.
My idea was to, through this incident, remind once again how important health is, how fragile it is and how one moment can change everything. Despite the difficulties, you should think positively every day and fight to the end for your dreams,.
It’s worth changing your life and not count on something changing if you don’t change it yourself and your approach to what’s wrong with you. I always tell my clients something may go wrong, but it’s only 2% and we have no control over it you have to accept it and patiently do your own thing, but 98% we have influence and that’s a lot of the total.
So, you should think positive and smile as often as possible, enjoy this life every day and take care of yourself, your own affairs and not count on others or a miracle.

Do what you love most in life and you will definitely be happy.

As long as you fight you are a winner and remember::

„One only lives once… – Wrong!!!
You die once, and you live every day!!!
Don’t spoil it!!!” – turbo_zoska

Have a nice day
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