KiEdA – a new, healthy lifestyle to lose weight

If you want to change your lifestyle and lack motivation, and at the same time lose weight, without dieting, without starvation, without magic supplements, just follow the five principles of the Kieda hand program system. We also debunk a lot of myths about diet. It is easy and pleasant with our program. We also slim down athletes and now we operate in New York, NY.

The program is effective, the average weight loss is about 6 kg or in the abdominal circumference by 9 cm. You will lose weight or belly circumference of at least 10% in 90 days.

Many years of experience, trials and tests guarantee success. The program includes nutritional and training methods, and teaches you to understand the proper balance of meals, which is needed to properly nourish your body and lose weight.

The system is very easy and quick to apply, meals are very easy to prepare. It is enough to spend some time preparing the meals, usually once a day to prepare the containers. Another advantage is the savings associated with rational shopping. We guarantee the improvement and change of the shape of the figure, circumference and weight.

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I. Morning irrigation

irrigate and lose wight

Drink a glass of water every day after getting up.
Our proposal is water with lemon and honey.
Water with lemon and honey helps to cleanse the body of various toxins, aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the skin and even more, reduces wrinkles. Lemon water in the morning is a great way to provide your body with a daily dose of vitamin C. It is also a good source of folate and minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. It also has a beneficial effect on the urinary tract. Lemons are antiseptic and cleanse the liver, kidneys and blood. In addition, a glass of lemon water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach helps to wake up the digestive system, speeds up metabolism, and improves intestinal peristalsis. Some studies have shown that lemon may have anti-carcinogenic properties.

II. The first meal no later than 1 hour after waking up

lose weight eating after sleep

Eat a fully balanced meal that contains the right amount of all the nutrients your body needs right after getting up.

Many of us make the big mistake of skipping breakfast. It often happens that due to lack of time or habit, our breakfast consists of coffee. After the night, the body’s energy reserves are depleted, the metabolism is slowed down and if we do not speed it up in the morning, we will be “half-hearted” all day.

III. Regularity of eating, i.e. the use of calculating the time of eating meals according to the "KiEdA V hand" system to lose weight

v hand rules kieda

Counting the hours of meals according to the program, we count from 1 to 5 on the fingers.

Every meal and the next one is eaten in accordance with the “KiEdA HAND SYSTEM”.

We fill the containers with any meals in accordance with the principle of diversity, properly balanced and rich in all nutrients, see sample meals.

People who eat regularly are more resistant to stress, get sick less often and are optimistic about life.

In practice, this means that the meals provided on a regular basis will be used for current needs, without the need to create energy reserves. It turns out that in the case of less frequent, unregulated and less systematic eating, the body generates energy reserves that accumulate in the form of unwanted adipose tissue. Therefore, it can be firmly stated that regular consumption of meals promotes weight loss, because calories delivered at regular intervals are consumed on an ongoing basis, without accumulating in the body.

IV. Photos of meals eaten in containers

meals in boxe for weight loss

Take photos of all the meals you eat in the containers.

“Control is the basis of trust” Trust is good, control is better.

We motivate and support our pupils in this way.

You will start to perceive the necessity to follow the V rules differently, you will have more control over your meals and your own actions.

V. Eat a fist-sized meal that fits in a box according to the rules of the program

fist lose weight

The most important rule about having souvenirs is that the stomach is more or less the size of ours and eat these portions on the side. Few people had a problem with this product, but when we were born, our stomach was exactly the size of our fist. We ate little, often, and yet grew fast, healthy and proportionate. Over the years, we have arisen as a result of which we have eaten more and we have gained weight. Step into a healthy and healthy food human. After a week, the stomach has returned to its place of work, which you have noticed and you will notice an improvement in well-being and weight loss. Whether we are a mother, a child or an adult, we have a measure of size that we always have at hand – there is a fist. Eating the right portion size ensured the effect and will keep us healthy and to lose weight.