Lose weight quickly without sacrifice

We guarantee 10% weight loss in 90 days! We arrange the diet and train together in Denver, Colorado! 

I am Wojtek Kieda and thanks to me you will lose weight without sacrifice in three months.

Our offer is a lifestyle change and slimming. It is based on the innovative V PRINCIPLE OF THE KIEDA program, developed by us. Check us out in Denver, Colorado and lose wright with us.

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Time for changes!

Dissatisfaction with your figure? Poor immunity? Digestive Problems?
Civilization diseases?
Or maybe you just want to change your lifestyle to a healthy one?
With us you will implement your plan for health and your dream figure!

Look metamorphosis our clients.

Learn my story

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One day I realized that I had knowledge that could also help you.

I came up with an idea, developed it, tested it, and that’s how it was created.

Hand Program and System KiEdA.

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I am a master’s degree in physical education.

For a period of five years, I tested a program that was intended to be combined into one form all slimming methods and be simple to implement.


Feel free to contact me for a consultation on the KiEdA hand system!!!

Do you want to lose weight quickly and healthily?

Get in touch with us today!

From an early age I have been interested in sports and physical activity, by education I am an MA in physical education. I have state certification as a personal trainer, massage therapist and instructor of many sports: swimming, athletics, volleyball, strength and fitness sports (aerobics), aqua aerobics.

I am passionate about healthy lifestyle, physical activity, aviation, automotive, fashion and tourism. I train triathlon, fitness in order to improve my own and others’ fitness, endurance and mobility. I completed my first triathlon in 2012, completed more than 50 triathlon starts.

In 2014 I started and completed the full IRONMAN distance i.e. 2.4 miles swimming – 112 mile cycling – 26.2 miles running with a time of 12:37;57. I completed the next ENEA IRONMAN GDYNIA in 2021 with a time of 12:19;37.

Since 2010 the idea of helping others was born, the forms were and are different. The biggest help I offer is the proprietary KiEdA hand system program I developed to change eating habits.

If you want to lose weight quickly and effortlessly, or find a trainer to help you get to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. I live and work in Denver, Colorado.

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we share knowledge

It was a strange accident

It was a strange accident

It was a freak accident, you see and feel that it’s already going to boom and it’s going to be bad, you’re fighting for your life and your brain is running on “turbo spike” and saving your ass

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If you want to change, make a change in your life, feel better, it’s only with Aleksandra and Wojtek Kieda. I would highly recommend. If you lose weight effectively, then only the KIEDA system.Joanna – 33 lb,            6.7 Inch less, 90 days

100% effective. Very good contact and commitment. I RECOMMEND!!!

Eva – 10.58 lb,            4.7 Inch less, 40 days

I sincerely recommend. The trainers are fantastic! I did not think that the method would give such effects so I am not going to go back. The most important thing is that you can eat what you want. Thank you very much.Ola – 22 lb, 5.11 Inch less, 90 days

I am an athlete, my goal was to descend to a lower starting weight without losing my condition, muscle mass and strength on the day of the competition. By following the rules, I was ready on the day of the competition.

Darek - 22 lb, 5.11 Inch less, 120 days

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