Is water the key to success? 10 reasons why we need water.

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Is water the key to success? 10 reasons why we need water.

World Water Day – is celebrated annually on March 22.

Is water the key to success? 10 reasons why we need water.

On average, water makes up 60% of weight of an average adult human and is essential for life. Although we are aware of it, most of us still drink too little of it  What may be the consequences? Why do we need water?

Water not only hydrates the human body, and thus all its organs, but is also necessary for the process of breathing, food intake and assimilation of nutrients, and the excretion of unassimilated components (including toxic ones) with feces and urine.
In order for our body to function efficiently, the water content in the human body must be maintained at a constant level. This means that we should take in as much water during the day as we excrete. On average, it is 2.8 liters a day, or exactly 0.33 ml for every kg of body weight.

Here are 10 reasons why we need water:

1. The water is natural

Water is the most natural and basically the only liquid needed for life. It does not contain any unnecessary additives, no sugar, and thus no calories. Pure water should be the main source of fluids in our daily diet and make up at least 60-80% of our water intake. what we drink throughout the day. Drinking water will benefit our health and well-being.

2. Water builds

The water content in the human body can be up to 75 percent. total body weight (newborns – 75%, adults – 60% on average). Water is found in every tissue and cell of our body, thanks to it all processes necessary for life can take place. We can survive up to a month without food, but only a few days without water. Our body cannot store large amounts of water, so we constantly need to replenish its amount.

3. Water improves digestion

Water is necessary for the normal course of digestive processes. The formation of bites, their swallowing and further transport in the digestive tract depends on the appropriate water content in saliva, gastric juice, intestinal juice and bile. The lack of water causes that all these processes are disturbed.

4. Water slims down

Regular drinking of larger amounts of water between meals (and on an empty stomach and just before bedtime) is not without reason recommended to all people who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. By drinking water, we not only improve our metabolism, but we can also suppress excessive appetite. Sometimes we confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger and instead of just reaching for a glass of water, we choose a caloric snack. Research shows that increasing the amount of water drunk and replacing other drinks with it helps to effectively prevent overweight and obesity, reduce body fat, and thus reduce body weight.

5. Water purifies

Water helps cleanse the body of unnecessary substances and toxins. The end products of metabolism are removed from it with urine. So if unsightly pimples appear on our skin, it may be the first signal that our body needs to be cleansed of toxins.

6. Water improves physical endurance

Dehydration is the most common cause of decreased performance and endurance during exercise. It results, among others, from from lowering the trainee’s blood pressure, and then – weakness, as well as an increase in body temperature, causing discomfort. In addition, the ability of the muscles to perform contractions also decreases, which can also affect the deterioration of the condition. Staying properly hydrated before and during exercise is an effective way to improve your body’s efficiency.

7. Water regulates our body temperature

When the ambient temperature becomes higher than our body temperature, water secreted in the form of sweat begins to evaporate from the surface of the skin. Thanks to this mechanism, the body can easily regulate its temperature, both in summer and in winter. Proper hydration helps prevent our body from overheating.

8. Water protects

Water has a protective and moisturizing function because it is the basic component of all body fluids. Its small amounts protect the eyeball, brain, spinal cord, and even the developing fetus. Water also ensures proper joint mobility.

9. Water perfectly quenches thirst

Nothing quenches thirst better than water. It works best when we drink it often and in small sips. Then it is absorbed into the tissues and used accordingly. Increased thirst, which many of us ignore, is the first sign of dehydration. This is why we should replenish fluids before we feel thirsty.

10. Even mild dehydration has health consequences

Dry mouth, decrease in body efficiency, feeling hot, dizziness and headaches, fatigue, urinary tract disorders or changes in blood pressure are just some of the many effects of water deficiency in our diet. When the body is dehydrated, our cognitive abilities and concentration also weaken. Research indicates that this is due to the action of neurons in our brain, which, by registering deficits in

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