Offer for personal and coaching care

Change in lifestyle and eating habits.

Lose weight – minimum 10% in 3 months! Abdominal circumference reduction – minimum 10% in 90 days!

Lose unnecessary kilograms, without the yo-yo effect, without diets, starvation, exercise, supplements. It’s possible, check our offer!

If you are a person who wants to lose weight healthy and effectively, wants to improve health, energy level or has problems with being underweight, then you are in the right place.

For several years we have been helping people with overweight, underweight and health problems with great success.

If you want to lose weight or put on weight, you can be sure that using the KiEdA program and hand system you will achieve the planned goal.

We share the acquired practice and knowledge necessary to achieve success.

I. Consultations

  • weight loss, personalization, health check
  • consultations on the KiEdA palm program and system
  • recipes for meals, shopping together, cooking
  • workouts, training plans, diets, nutrition
  • reducing adipose tissue, metamorphoses (styling, makeup, manicure)
  • aimed at building muscle mass
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II. Personal training

  • Swimming – learning and improving swimming for children and adults
  • running, cycling, triathlon
  • jogging and Nordic walking
  • coaching care, training based on the Garmin, Training Peaks
  • weight reduction / slimming, weight gain
  • loss of unnecessary kilograms
  • body shaping, cellulite reduction
  • strengthening specific muscle groups
  • increasing endurance, speed and strength
  • cardio or aerobic exercise, fitness
  • trainings, workshops, camps
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IV. Massage

  • Full body relaxation
  • Classic all-round
  • Partial relaxation
  • Classic partial
  • Back, Neck, Face, The legs, Hands, Feet
  • Sporty